image from the Natural Elements exhibition

Elements of Nature

A new exhibition of elegant sculptures by artist, Ian Marlow, expressing the juxtaposition between our man-created modern lifestyles and the natural world to which we belong.

A specially curated exhibition of sculptures by Somerset-based artist, Ian Marlow, set amongst the rich autumnal colours, scents and textures of The Courts Garden.

The sculptures, fashioned from stainless steel, are given a surface finish which makes them shimmer as you move around them and, as the autumn light changes and the colours in the gardens alter, their appearance becomes almost ethereal. The use of modern materials to create natural forms allows them to sit comfortably in either traditional gardens or in the minimalist landscape of modern architecture.

image from Elements of nature

Having previously worked with stone and marble, Ian discovered the creative potential of stainless steel twelve years ago. The flexibility and strength, combined with the reflective quality of the material, allowed him to explore and develop new ideas for his work, creating a freedom of movement that the solidity of stone denied him. This can clearly be seen in the flowing forms of the sculptures on show.

Ian Marlow is a sculptor based in Somerset and a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors.
He exhibits widely and is regularly commissioned by corporate and public bodies as well as
private clients. 

The exhibition ‘Elements of Nature’ at The Courts Garden runs from Saturday 7 September until Sunday 20 October 2019, 11am – 5.30pm. Normal admission charges apply.

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